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11.9.2019 (st)

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15:00 - 17:00Controlling and Tailoring the Electronic Properties of Chemically Reactive 2D Materials     


Following the success of ambient-stable two-dimensional (2D) materials such as graphene and hexagonal boron nitride, new classes of chemically reactive layered solids are being explored since their unique properties hold promise for improved device performance [1]. For example, chemically reactive 2D semiconductors (e.g., black phosphorus (BP) and indium selenide (InSe)) have shown enhanced field-effect mobilities under controlled conditions that minimize ambient degradation [2,3]. In addition, 2D boron (i.e., borophene) is an anisotropic metal with a diverse range of theoretically predicted phenomena including confined plasmons, charge density waves, and superconductivity [4], although its high chemical reactivity has limited experimental studies to inert ultrahigh vacuum conditions [5-8]. Therefore, to fully study and exploit the majority of 2D materials, methods for mitigating or exploiting their relatively high chemical reactivity are required [9].…

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