Kalendář akcí VŠCHT Praha
17.7.2024 (st)

10:00 - 11:30Impact of biological sex on HIV disease     

Dr. Hunter's research is primarily centered on understanding the host and viral factors that modulate HIV heterosexual transmission and early viral disease in African populations, with the goal of applying this knowledge to HIV vaccine development.  Previous work in the Hunter laboratory has demonstrated that transmission of HIV is, in a majority of cases, established by a single genetic variant derived from the diverse population of HIV variants in the transmitting partner’s viral quasispecies.  This virus does not appear to be abundant in the genital tract of the transmitting partner, consistent with selection for a more transmissible virus during sexual transmission. Because the virus that initiates infection is the one that preventative vaccines must stop, a high priority of the Hunter laboratory is to elucidate the structural and functional differences between this virus and the majority of non-transmitted variants in the transmitting partner in order to better target…

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