Kalendář akcí VŠCHT Praha
27.9.2019 (pá)

Sněžka podzim 2019     

výstup za východem slunce, více zde:


Noc vědců     

10:00 - 10:50Wet deposition of inorganic metal oxides thin films for solar cells, smart windows and other apps     

Pozvánka na workshop

Recent works of the GREENMAT group at University of Liège (Belgium) focus on the preparation of thin films of various (doped) metal oxides and related compounds to be integrated in optical-related devices such as smart windows or solar cells, with the global aim of improving energy efficiency in buildings. Wet coating approaches have been specifically considered, including dip-, spin- and spray-coating.

Particularly, ultrasonic spray deposition is acknowledged for both fundamental and industrial researches and applications. It leads to the formation of uniform thin layers on large area substrates at atmospheric pressure, with high control of the resulting morphology and thickness by adjustment of the practical spray conditions (substrate temperature, nozzle-to-substrate…

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