Kalendář akcí VŠCHT Praha
7/9/2020 (Th)

Okoř 2     

Odkaz: https://ktv.vscht.cz/kurzy-akce/sportovni-kurzy-pro-studenty?event-type=zimni-kurz-ktv&action=event_detail&event-id=20040

Počet započ. dnů: 1

Program: cyklovýlet od budovy VŠCHT (sraz před knihovnou).  Pojedeme přes Kralupy po cyklostezkách a turistických trasách na hrad Okoř. Na trase je několik zastávek. Zpáteční cesta vede přes Divokou Šárku. Délka výletu je cca 50-60 km.

Místo: Okoř

Sraz: v 9:00 hod NTK, Technická 2710/6

Mgr. Pavel Krejčík
728 650 410

8:00 - 9:00Summer yoga at UCT     

Regular yoga lessons are back at our Alma Mater, even in the summer months!

_____tuesday__16:00____gentle flow____
____thursday___8:00__hatha vinyasa flow__
____reservations every sunday at 20:00___

All necessary information and maps are available here on the event page.

The difficulty of the lesson will always be adjusted to the abilities of the group.

Lessons are for students and UCT employees only.
You need to bring your own yoga mat.

12:00 - 15:00Monitoring antimicrobial resistance in Wastewater treatment plants (online conference)     

Monitoring AMR in WWTP online conference.

Conference is aiming to gather students, researchers, plant's operators and  companies interested in antimicrobial resistance monitoring in wastewater treatment plants.

World Health Organization classified antimicrobial resistance as important threat to human health. Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are claimed to be hotspots for this phenomenon. Antimicrobial resistance in WWTPs is even more dangerous as the resistance genes can be transferred from environmental bacteria to pathogens and create even higher risk for wellbeing of citizens. Therefore, scope of the conference is monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in wastewater treatment plants - approaches and methods, results and perspectives.

Important Information

Location: University of chemistry and Technology Prague, Technicka 3, 166 28 Prague, Czech Republic.

There is no registration fee



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