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The versatility of liquid chromatographic enantiomer separation concepts with focus on the potential


Date: 12/7/2018  9:30 - 11:00      
Location: room A02, building A
Kind: Věda
Event type: Pozvánka, Přednáška
Lecturer: Wolfgang Lindner, Institute of Analytical Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria
Language: EN

To date the separation of stereoisomers and in particular of enantiomers and the analysis of the enantiomeric excess (enantiomeric purity) via liquid chromatography has reached a dominant standard. The arsenal of commercially available chiral stationary phase (CSPs) and “chiral” columns is exceeding 100 different variants of various providers. In any case the underlying basic enantioselectivity principles and the operational modii of the CSPs need to be understood to a certain extent, in order to avoid a simple trial and error approach. Along that line the characteristics of the main concepts of CSPs will be discussed with emphasis on chiral ion exchangers developed by our group for the resolution of chiral acids, bases and ampholytes (amino acids and peptides). Conceptually enantioseparations are based on three dimensionally driven intermolecular interaction principles of a chiral selector (SO) moiety and the chiral selectands (SAs) triggered by the mobile phase conditions which in turn effect the solvation shell and conformation status of the SOs and SAs, etc. Temperature effects should be considered as well.

What counts at the end of the day is the successful resolution of very diversely structured enantiomers which is intrinsically connected to a sufficient degree of chromatographic enantioselectivity and to the chromatographic efficiencies of the “chiral“ columns.

Based on practical examples the above raised points will be highlighted in this lecture.

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