Kalendář akcí VŠCHT Praha

PhD_Post.doc club!


Date: 12/5/2019  16:00 - 19:00      
Location: Uhelna - building A, UCT Prague
Kind: Akce VŠCHT
Studentské akce
Event type: Akce studentů, Pozvánka, Přednáška, Vzdělání
Language: EN

Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you to the last 2019 meeting of PhD students and postdocs: PhD_post.doc club! Even St. Nicholas can’t cancel the tradition of the first Thursdays. Our meeting will be held on

5th December from 4:00 PM in the UHELNA!

Uhelna is situated in the building A: ground floor under the main stairs opposite the courtyard. Arrows will direct you 😊

This time, beside three lectures from your colleagues, you can look forward to a presentation about a polymer foam technology project in collaboration with ETH Zurich, where students from our school are recruited!

You can find brief information about the project in attached PDF on the registration website.

The refreshment will be home-made and you are welcome with your own culinary art!

For those who have not heard about PhD_Post.doc club yet:
We are organizing regular meetings of PhD students and postdocs, where we have a great opportunity to get to know each other and learn from our colleagues who we normally do not have a chance to meet or we meet them every day on the corridor but don’t know anything about them.

PhD_Post.doc club always takes place on the first Thursday every month.
The meeting is divided into two parts. First, three chaired lectures from our colleagues (in English), then free refreshment and time for a meet-and-greet.


Come to learn new things, discuss, get refreshed and meet people!

For organizational reasons, I would like to ask you for your sign up at this link:



For more information, please, see the invitation letter on the registration website.


The programme of our St. Nicholas meeting will be as follows:


4:00 – max. 5:30 PM

Chairman: Markéta Nováková


1) Filip Beňo (PhD student from Dept. of Food Preservation, FFBT)

The Perfect steak: How to choose and cook the best steak of your life?

The end of the Czech pucks in the meat form. A food technology opinion on how to prepare a high-quality steak. The view from the animal to the plate.


2) Vojtěch Kouba (PhD student from Dept. of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, FET)

Clean up sewage, refuel your plane

Anammox bacteria efficiently metabolize nitrogen in sewage while producing ladderane lipids. Ladderanes are unique in nature and energy-rich, so how can we use them?


3) Richard Nevšímal (the Chief of the Counselling and Career Centre UCT)

You ‘aint have it easy

Building complex support structures for all at Counselling and Career Centre UCT. Overview, service design, the drive for smarter schools.


4) Zuzana Šedivá (postgradual student from ETH Zurich)

Alternative foaming agents for polymeric foams

Recruitment of students and a trip to Zurich!


5:30 – 7:30 PM

Home-made refreshment and time for a meet-and-greet! 😊

We are looking forward to you!

Markéta Nováková
The organizer

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