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Research/Study Fellowship Supported by OP VVV MOST project at UCT Prague


Date: 11/18/2020  all day event      
Kind: Věda
Event type: Kariera, Vzdělání
Language: CZ

Research/Study Fellowship Supported by OP VVV MOST project is offering a financial support for the students of the 1st postgraduate students assigned to the mentioned PhD programs. Support will be awarded to 10 internships chosen by Study programme Board where the student is assigned to.

Deadline to hand in the physical and online form is on 11th December 2020.

Application can be filled out either in Czech or in English. Application form available here

Paper application including required signatures on time deliver to Ms. S. Jančurová at the International Relations Office.

Study Programme Board Interview will take place on the verge of December/January.

The interview will focus on the quality of the description of R&D project, motivation letter, previous research and study success and appropriate language skills (a copy of the certificate must be presented as an appendix to the application). Supervisor and the department’s approval of the mobility is expected.

Study Fellowship conditions:

  • Can be held any time between 1st January 2021 – 31st October 2021
  • Can take place at any educational institution within European Union
  • Duration:
    • Minimum length – 1 semester (duration of one semester at the receiving institution; confirmation of the fellowship in a length of 1 semester will be required altogether with the final report; in case there are differences of an e-form and the paper one, the paper one will be taken as relevant)
    • Maximum stay – 6 months
    • Fellowship supported by this grant must be finished on 31st October 2021 the latest
  • Financial support of 110 thousand CZK/person covers:
    • Accommodation costs
    • Travelling costs
    • Total allowance costs

Required documents  for a successful application upload via MS FORMS

  • Electronic version of the Application Form (MS Word converted to a pdf file, without signatures; in case there are differences of an e-form and the paper one, the paper one will be taken as relevant)
  • Expected costs
  • Language certificate
  • The applicant will deliver in good time prior the mobility the knowledge of the market to justify eligible expenses on travel and accommodation (typically 3 offers as print screens of the offers by the carrier and comp. and accom. service provider from which those with lowest rates must be selected.

After the end of the fellowship the applicant will without any delay present the following documents to the Dept. of International Relations Office of UCT Prague (IA will assist with those in Czech version) are


For further information do not hesitate to contact International Relations Office via outgoing@vscht.cz

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