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Webinars for Early Career Researchers: Web of Science and Scopus


Date: 11/23/2021  10:00 - 11:30      
Location: online NTK
Kind: Poradenské a kariérní centrum
Event type: Kurz, Pozvánka, Přednáška, Seminář, Školení, Vzdělání, Workshop
Lecturer: Alena Chodounská and Vladimír Blažek
Language: EN

Web of Science and Scopus: Use Citation Databases to Foster Your Research 

This webinar is designed primarily for doctoral candidates and other early career researchers that are writing scientific articles and looking for target journals or conferences. The participants should have basic understanding of citation databases and how they work. Anyone interested in learning more about academic journals and metrics is also welcome.

Learn how to use citation databases effectively to enhance your research and improve your understanding of research in your field at the global level. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • How can I use citation databases to support my research activities?
  • What are the most common metrics (e.g. impact factor, AIS, JCI, h-index) and how they are used?
  • How do I identify seminal articles in my field quickly?
  • What journals and conferences are important in my field, and where can I present my research?
  • How can I set up advanced alerts to stay informed about new articles from leading authors and journals?
  • How can I manage my author profiles in citation databases and connect them with my ORCID?
  • Get familiar with the new Web of Science interface and its (dis)advantages.
  • How advanced search and chemical structure search (Web of Science) work and how can I use this functionality? 
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