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Základy managementu (AJ) - Kurz doporučený pro doktorandy


Datum: 9.12.2021  8:00 - 15:00      
Událost se opakuje každý týden ve čtvrtek.
Místo konání: Uhelna (building A) or on-line
Kategorie: Akce VŠCHT
Poradenské a kariérní centrum
Typ akce: Kariera, Kurz, Seminář, Vzdělání
Přednášející: PhDr. Jan Vašek, MSc. et MSc.
Jazyk akce: EN

This course introduces students to the principles of management and provides the necessary basics for more specialized courses. It is very practical focusing on topics that young people are likely to meet at early stages of their career. The course has only 16 hours of lecture and exercises. While this is sufficient for setting the basics, it cannot possibly cover all management subjects. The course therefore  focuses on three key areas: (1) Managing people (2) Organizing and leading, and (3) Deciding, planning and managing performance. The course will be fully case study based and students will derive the key management concepts from the cases. A particular care is paid to providing examples and discussing cases/problems that are relevant to students and take into account the potentially limited student work experience.

The course Fundamentals of Management (AP83701) differs from the course Základy managementu (P837001) and is therefore open and recommended to graduates of this course.

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