Kalendář akcí VŠCHT Praha

Superconductivity and Dark Matter: Is there a connection?


Datum: 16.11.2022  11:00 - 12:00      
Místo konání: Uhelna - budova A, VŠCHT Praha
Kategorie: Věda
Typ akce: Pozvánka, Přednáška
Přednášející: Devendra K. Namburi
Jazyk akce: EN


The talk will cover new developments in three areas of applied superconductivity research: (i) to discuss the single grain fabrication of (RE)BCO bulk high temperature superconductors via infiltration-growth approach and their suitability for practical applications: Here, some of the significant recent contributions made by the Bulk Superconductivity Group (BSG) at University of Cambridge, UK will be presented. In particular, the single grain growth of (RE)BCO and (RE)BCO+Ag bulk superconductors, via the infiltration-growth approach, with improved mechanical and superconducting properties will be discussed. The suitability and readiness of these materials for real-scale practical applications will be highlighted; (ii) NbN-based Superconducting Nano-wire meanders for Single-Photon detection (SNSPD): Here, a limited insight into the SNSPD-based research being carried out by the Quantum Sensors Group at the University of Glasgow will be presented. Some of the characteristic parameters such as Quantum efficiency, Jitter, and Dark counts as measured in the improved versions of NbN-based SNSPD devices will be summarised, and (iii) possible integration of Transition edge sensors (TES) and SNSPDs for detecting dark matter: In this section, the current status of the on-going efforts for detecting axions in the ALPS-II (axion-like particle search) experiment will be discussed, with special focus on the detector assembly where we plan to deploy the transition edge sensors and the SNSPDs for single photon detection. If photon is detected under appropriate experimental conditions, then it confirms the presence of axions in our experiments. More details in the talk!

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