Kalendář akcí VŠCHT Praha

Freshman, sophomore behind you: figure out where you're going


Date: 11/14/2023  16:00 - 18:00      
Location: B25
Kind: Poradenské a kariérní centrum
Event type: Workshop
Lecturer: Dr. Ing. Markéta Raková
Language: CZ

This event is held in Czech language.


Once you've had a bit of a look around at university, it's a good idea to start taking the first steps towards your future career. If you leave all this until after you leave school, you'll probably find that your better-prepared classmates have beaten you to it. Or you may find out quite late that you're missing something essential to getting your dream job. 

We'll talk about how to think about your future career, how to choose the right field/environment in which you'll thrive, and how to gradually build a good foundation for a successful leap into practice. We'll also talk about part-time jobs during your studies and preparing what you can then sell in practice.


Workshop participants will realize that:

- it is necessary to have a purpose/goal already during studies and to work systematically towards it (and find out the reasons why this is necessary)

- it is necessary to have an overview of companies that employ graduates in the given field (if they want to get a job in it) and it is advisable to go there for a temporary job/internship/compulsory practice

- success at work is not only based on professional skills (acquired by studying), but other factors will also have an impact (and which ones)

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