Kalendář akcí VŠCHT Praha

Career coaching, career consultation


Date: 11/27/2023  12:00 - 16:00      
Location: Counselling and Career Centre - ZB1-414b
Kind: Poradenské a kariérní centrum
Event type: Kariera, Konzultace
Lecturer: Markéta Raková
Language: CZ

Career coaching can help you clarify the best way to build your study and/or career path. With the help of professional counsellors, you will find out what type of assignments fulfils you, what you are personally suited to, what your strengths or talents are or any specific areas for development. In this type of meeting, you and the counsellor go more in-depth based on the questions you ask, so it's possible that you may come across questions you may not have asked yourself, and the meeting will help you identify your short and long-term career goals. Duration: 55 min.

Career consultation addresses a more specific topic - revising your CV and cover letter, deciding between specific job offers, preparing for a job interview, presenting your own strengths and experience, thinking about salary and how to ask for it, preparing for an Assessment Centre or an interview in Czech/English. Duration: 25 min.

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