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UNIQORN/PhD_Post.doc Club: Meet the team of the SensUS competition!


Datum: 16.5.2024  17:00 - 20:00      
Místo konání: Uhelna
Kategorie: Věda
Typ akce: Přednáška, Vzdělání
Přednášející: Biosensor team
Jazyk akce: EN

The UNIQORN Association invites you to the platform for PhD students and postdocs at our university to showcase their research, achievements, and suffering, was resurrected.

During the lecture session (5 PM – 6 PM), our students and postdocs will deliver their talks.

Following that, it's time for the refreshments and meet-and-greet!

The topic of the meeting? How (not) to design a biosensor!

Meet the Biosensor Student Association!

The assignment - the initial idea - reaching the goal!

Come to listen to a story of a UCT student team participating in the 9th year of the SensUs international student competition! It is the very first time that a team from the Czech Republic has participated in this competition!

The assignment: building a continuous biosensor to measure creatinine for diagnosis of kidney malfunction.

What is their journey from the initial idea to the design of the (hopefully) winning biosensor? 

What is it like to multitask in the lab while finding sponsors and doing your marketing? 

Come and be inspired by the lecture about a big project led by the Biosensor Student Association. We invite you to take part in their journey and find out how (not) to design a biosensor.

The speaker trio: Eva Vogelová - Jan Šťovíček - Daniel Křížek

Let’s enjoy the science and time together!

FB event: https://fb.me/e/582f5yrn4

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