Kalendář akcí VŠCHT Praha
5/5/2022 (Th)

10:00 - 15:00Zasedání VR FCHT     

Dne 5. 5. 2022 od 10 hodin se uskuteční zasedání VR FCHT v zasedací místnosti rektorátu, budova A, Technická 5, 1. patro.

V rámci zasedání se uskuteční řízení ke jmenování profesorem v oboru Anorganická chemie doc. Ing. Ondřeje Jankovského, Ph.D. z Ústavu anorganické chemie, který přednese přednášku s názvem Unikátní vlastnosti vrstevnatých anorganických materiálů a habilitační řízení v oboru Metalurgie Dr. Tomáše Proška, Ph.D. z Ústavu kovových materiálů a korozního inženýrství, který přednese…

15:50 - 20:00UNIQORN/PhD_Post.doc Talks: "Postdoc at the NIH, or There and Back Again"     

Retrovirus, NIH, and a CAR-T cell walk into a bar… The beginning of the worst joke ever or a topic for an atypical Thursday afternoon talk.

Tomáš Kroupa is currently a Process Development Specialist at SCTbio in Prague. SCTbio is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization that produces cancer therapy and currently has one

CAR-T cell therapy in Phase I clinical trial. Tomáš obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, and then spent 4.5 years as a Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Cancer Institute in the United States where he was a member of the Retrovirus Assembly Section of the HIV Dynamics and Replication Program studying recognition of viral genomic RNA for packaging.

16:00 - 18:00Volné hraní (stolních her)     
Open play in respirium is mainly for those who do not have enough to play once a month at DesKOHraní and for those who want to play bigger games with people who are not afraid of big games.
Come to the respirium on Thursday at 16:00 and borrow the game from our list:
and just play 🙂
The only difference between this open play and the (ir)regular DesKOHraní event is that no one will babysit you. We from UDKH want to play ourselves and we will not have time to help you choose the game or explain the rules.

17:00 - 19:00Freshmen's PubQuiz     

Is the stress from credits test and exams already coming to You? We have a great opportunity for You to test your knowledge and practice Organic Chemistry I, Mathematics B and Physics I. All of this in a pleasant atmosphere of Carbon with some good beverages! Are You interested? So assemble Your friends and sign up as soon as possible!

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