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Thermophysical Properties of Fluids and Materials for Sustainable Goals Development


Datum: 15.6.2023  14:30 - 15:30      
Místo konání: A402, budova A
Kategorie: Věda
Typ akce: Přednáška
Přednášející: Prof. Carlos Nieto de Castro, University of Lisbon
Jazyk akce: EN

Thermophysical Properties of Fluids and Materials for Sustainable Goals Development – a Continuous Search for Innovation

Thermophysics is the science and technology of the most important properties of materials, thermophysical properties of fluids and materials
playing an important role in several processes in the chemical, extraction and manufacturing industries, especially in those involving simultaneous
heat and mass transfer. Most of the problems that affect our society need values of these properties to design and characterize new products and
processes, to replace unacceptable processes and compounds and to optimize energy balances and efficiency.

On the light of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, research in this area requires innovative research that can respond for affordable and clean energy, industry (including fishing industries), innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action. In the
recent years most of our group research was directed to cutting-edge problems, which include ionic liquids, molten salts, nanomaterials and
IoNanofluids and new engineering fluids. The environmental and safety requirements on the use of nanomaterials and nanosystems will be also
analysed on the basis of a recent proposed strategy, Lourenço et al., (2021) [1].

This talk will show some of the studies performed in the last years, linking scientific knowledge and technological developments, trying to contribute to the resolution of some problems that affect our society.

[1] Maria José Lourenço, João Alexandre, Charlotte Huisman, Xavier Paredes, Carlos Nieto de Castro, “The balance between energy, environmental
security, and technical performance: the regulatory challenge of nanofluids”, Special Issue on Colloids and Nanofluids for Energy Management, Nanomaterials 2021, 11(8), 1871. https://doi.org/10.3390/nano11081871

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