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Datum: 8. 7. 2024 - 10. 7. 2024  celý den      
Místo konání: Uhelna, budova A
Kategorie: Věda
Typ akce: Pozvánka
Jazyk akce: EN

A three-day event focused on nanomaterials their applications and toxicity. In addition to employees from UCT Prague, experts Dr. Dawid Janas from Poland and Dr. Enrico Storti from Switzerland will also give lectures.

Contact person - Adéla Jiříčková

No need to register - just come to the Uhelna.


Monday 8 July


prof. Ing. Ondřej Jankovský, Ph.D. – Words of welcome + New bachelor study program – Nanomaterials


Ing. Vilém Bartůněk, Ph.D. – Toxicity of nanomaterials


Lunch break


Ing. Petra Šnoblová – Nanostructured TM-mixed oxides


Workshop Dr. Dawid Janas - Nanocarbon composites for effective energy management

Tuesday 9 July


Dr. Dawid Janas - Precise purification and high-performance application of single walled carbon nanotubes


Dr. Enrico Storti - Electrospinning: nanofiber production with freedom of composition


Lunch break


Ing. Petra Šimonová – Challenges in Determining Particle Sizes of Nanoceramics

Wednesday 10 July


Workshop Dr. Enrico Storti - Additive manufacturing of advanced silicate ceramics by means of two-photon polymerization


Precise purification and high-performance application of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Dr. Dawid Janas

Department of Organic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry and Biotechnology
Faculty of Chemistry, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice
E-mail: Dawid.Janas@polsl.pl

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), beyond doubt, are among the most vigorously researched materials of our times. Due to their peculiar properties, they have been envisioned as critical components of many future technologies, the development of which is necessary to advance our civilization. However, because of the structural diversity of carbon, these materials are commonly obtained as SWCNT blends, which hampers their implementation in real life. Therefore, establishing effective purification strategies is a pressing issue.

This talk will report our recent breakthroughs in differentiating single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). Firstly, through a thorough examination of the aqueous two-phase extraction method, we managed to enhance the resolution of the system, exceeding the level of 0.1 nm. Consequently, we isolated single types of SWCNTs, such as (6,5) and (6,4), from mixtures containing >30 types of SWCNTs. Secondly, by using self-synthesized conjugated polymers, we improved the conjugated polymer extraction performance, enabling facile sorting of SWCNTs in organic solvents. As a result, we harvested (7,3) SWCNTs, the smallest ever type in an organic medium. Notably, the application of a concept of mixed-solvent engineering enabled us to reach both high selectivity and efficiency of the separation process. The presentation will disclose the identified underlying interactions at the nanoscale leading to this success. Because single-walled carbon nanotubes have a notable application potential, the talk will be concluded by a demonstration of a spectrum of technologies exploiting macroscopic networks made from them.

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